10 Website Analysis Tools- Best Picks

10 Website Analysis Tools- Best Picks

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10 website analysis tools

If you own a website, or going to own a website, trust me, this article is going to help you a lot.

If you have a webpage, what will you do with that webpage? You cannot leave your page falling asleep. You must promote your page, and then you can expect to earn revenue from that. But, if your page will not satisfy the visitors, all the promotions and marketing will help you with nothing.

Ok, now you have everything to satisfy your visitors, but still it may not work much. So, what is the reason? Well, the reason is your webpage has the lacking of proper management. To properly run your site, you will need lots of information about your webpage i.e., visitor numbers, location, traffic, etc. And for getting all this information very easily, some geniuses have made a few of best website analysis tools.

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Top 10 Website Analysis Tools

Now I am going to present you a list of the most popular and effective 10 website analysis tools below-

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most effective website analysis tools, which has been produced by giant “Google”. Google Analytics is the best for graphical display. If you give access to this tool in your webpage, you will be able to see your visitor numbers, bounce rate, visitor map and so on, in a graphical way as well as with a precise report. When you know that, you can change or update your marketing strategies.

2. Alexa

Alexa is another coolest website analysis tool. It has a unique feature added, known as ‘reputation score’. This feature can show the influence of your website throughout the web.

This toolkit is pretty much user friendly. When you search something, it can guess the keyword, even before you have finished your typing. It also shows the information, based on demography. It can predict the visitor’s age, location, educational activities, and even they have children or not. Funny, isn’t it?

3. Woorank

The funniest thing about the Woorank is it can fulfill most of all requirements only with its trial version.

When you will analyze your page with Woorank, it will split your page in several micro parts, and then show you the page’s title tag, Meta description, headings, keyword cloud, how the Google Preview looks like and many more.

That was just about the trial version. In the main version, you will be able to get informed about the website grade, visitor’s demography and traffic, social media popularity, Number of backlinks and many other things.

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4. Website Grader

Website Grader is widely preferable, because it informs its users lots of information about the page, provided with inclusive report, arranged based on several sections. It not only finds out the error in webpage, but also it can suggest the best possible change, than can be made to get rid of the errors.


PIWIK is a nonprofit website analysis tool and so it is an open source tool. Open source things are always fun.

PWIK has an awesome dashboard with an excellent interface.  And of course, it shows the visitors graph, actions and many other things. One thing I should mention about PIWIK and that is, it has been recommended by many reputed organizations and magazines including Forbes.

6. Deep Log Analyzer

The deep log analyzer is totally free to use. It does not need any bugs to work. It has no complexity at all. It has some extra features too. By using this tool, you can track your visitor’s movements and navigations. You can also know about the sites directing traffic to you, search spiders and many other useful information.

7. CrazyEgg

Crazy Egg works in a bit different way. It uses 80’s eye tracking policy. It offers a hitmap, which allows its user to check popular areas of the page, at a glance.

If you use this tool, you will be able to get informed, where your readers are focusing, where they are clicking. That will be quite helpful to rearrange your page.

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8. Web Page Analyzer

The Web Page Analyzer is a free website analysis tool. It provides lots of useful information about the pages. It can show the time, needed to load the pages.

The most useful part of this tool is its report has an “analysis and recommendation’’ portion which can provide a grade and also a list of quality classification. It displays three marks: red one shows ‘warning’, yellow one shows ‘caution’ and a green one means ‘good’.

9. Real Tracker

Real Tracker works almost like Google Analytics. It has code that’s needed to be put in the content. With that, Real tracker can automatically seek the web pages. And then it can present you a bunch of reports, which you may do care. Real Tracker is simple enough to use.

10. Similar Page Checker

Now I am representing you a great website analysis tool, to find the similar webpage existed online. Being unique, matters most in the world of SEO. If Google finds out the similar content of yours, your website might get banned. This tool will help you not to get banned from Google.

The above mentioned 10 website analysis tools are here, because they have been admired a lot by their users, apparently. Personally, I have not used all of them, but I use always Google Analytics. This is totally awesome, unique and fully usable. You can also try the others.

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If you have any recommended website analysis tools, please feel free to leave a comment.

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