Top 15 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015

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Top 15 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015

In the business world, marketing is everything. If you have a product for sale, you will need to promote your product. If the people do not know the name of your products, these products will gain you simply nothing.

Nowadays, the internet has made a tremendous way to promote the product through various webpages. But, what if the webpage, you are using to promote your product and services, is not getting much visitors? Then, your product or service will be remained a ghost to the people. So, for the marketing of your product or services, you will need to promote your webpages first. But, how can you do that?

15 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015- Dominate the Social Networks

Well, there are so many social media existed online. People are fond of visiting there for amusement. You can promote your webpages there. But, you will need some help. You cannot get the help manually. Because ‘manual’ is the word, exactly not available, when you are working online. So, you are going to need some social media marketing tools to promote your webpages. If you are not willing to use these tools, then forget about the marketing.

Here I am giving you a list of top 15 social media marketing tools in 2015.

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#1: Quill Engage

Quill Engage is a wonderful free social media marketing tool, which can automatically get connected with the Google analytics. Usually, Google analytics contain a huge amount of information. All of that may not be helpful. That is why; Quill Engage emails the summary of whole report from the Google Analytics. This summary may include- traffic growth, traffic’s locations, most popular post etc.

That is why I put it on the top of the list of “15 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015”

#2: Buffer

Buffer is the actually the coolest one of all the free social media marketing of 2015 tools. This is a great one to schedule the post ahead. So, your post can stay long. It allows connecting a profile from each and every social networking site. This tool is pretty much user friendly. It has a dashboard, which has an awesome snapshot of the performances of the posts.

#3: Canva

Canva is faster to use than any other social media marketing tools, as it has a built in template available. With this tool you can resize your image, such as you can make your image rectangular for Twitter, the tall one for Pinterest, etc.

#4: Hootsuite

Hootsuite has the huge sets of features and ample numbers of suitable networks. It has also the best customizable reporting tools available. It is known as the store house of social listening too.

Though the hootsuite has a free version, this free version may have some limitations.

It deserves a place in the list of “15 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015.”

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#5: Hotjar

You may pick Hotjar, if you are interested to know your visitor’s activities on your web pages. Hotjar has some features known as heatmaps, scrollmaps, and clickmaps by which you can monitor, exactly where your visitors are clicking, how far they are scrolling etc. When you will know, where your readers arestop reading, exactly where they are getting interesting, it will help you much to design your blog post.

#6: Sumall

It’s all about sumall’s dashboard. Perhaps, this social media tool gets the most experienced dashboard. It has got some extra-ordinary features, which can work with almost every social media and digital media platforms. The reports of Sumall are highly informative too.

#7: SocialBro

SocialBro works only with one social media and that is Twitter.This social media marketing tool is great for Twitter based marketing. SocialBro delivers an advanced dashboard formally known as “Community Insight.”

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#8: Post Planner

Post planner is also a free social media marketing tool which is used for basically, monitoring and controlling Facebook strategies. It will allow you to schedule your post in advance. It also offers some lists of post idea. The most interesting part of the social media marketing tool is it can provide an online training to enhance your Facebook presence.

#9: PhotoSync

Bloggers often need photos to include in the post. But sometimes it might be difficult to transfer the images, or upload the large file together.

PhotoSync is good at sharing images from device to device, and upload it in a faster way. You can transfer the images from you mobile to computer than use it to your blog post.

It has no complications to use. You will just need to download this tools in your mobile and computers, and then you can start syncing.

#10: SideKick

SideKick is another finest social media marketing tool. Its core work is to trace your sent emails and inform you, which emails are being read when. SideKick offers a sidebar which can include people’s social media profile link and also a flow of latest tweets.

#11: KingSumo

Every blogger knows the importance of the headline of a blog post. KingSumo has a Plugin made only for creating headlines for the post. Almost 2-10 headlines can be added with this Plugin. After publishing the post, it will show you the best performed headline. So there is hardly an alternative tool can be found, in terms of choosing headlines.

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#12: Circloscope

If you are targeting Google+ for your business, then you should use circloscope. Usually, Google+ works with circle, and this circle has two roles to play: Filtering content in the news stream and notifying the audience. But when you will use circloscope, you will able to create and filter both the new and existing circle.

#13: NOD3x

NOD3x has a live feeds tab graphs, which shows a graphical display of social network giving the best enlargement level to the content. With that, it becomes easy to select a social media. Its benefit does not end here. With the help of graphical display, you can also pick the 3 hash tags to use, and the day and time to post.

#14: Charlie

By using you can meet new people. Charlie can provide you the full biography, social media profile, interests etc of the influential people. In short, Charlie is storehouse of information of persons.

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#15: CrowdFire

CrowdFire is for Twitter. For marketing purposes, you should follow people in Twitter to make them follow your account. But some will not follow you. In that case, they are providing you no benefits. So you can remove them. With the crowdFire, you can easily find such account and remove them.

It is actually quite difficult to pick the best one from all the 15 social media marketing tools in 2015. The above mentioned social media marketing tools are numbered or ranked based on the popularity basis in 2015. But personally, I have used Quill Engage and Canva for the promotion of my webpages. First one has lots of advantages and the second one also works fine. That is my personal experience. You can also try the rest.

If you have any suggestion about “15 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015”, feel free to leave a comment.

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