9 Best English Grammar and Spelling Checker Software

9 Best English Grammar and Spelling Checker Software

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Are you confused whether your article is free from grammar or spelling mistakes? Yes, it is often very complex to detect the secret or silly errors in your contents in the normal ways.

That’s why; before publishing your documents online, you should check your texts with any good English grammar or spell checker. Good grammar checker software can find out the least mistakes of your copies that will increase your writing quality. And writing quality is a vital part of creating a fresh content.

I also use a grammar and spell checker software before publishing my web pages. It not only improves my writing, but also makes the contents healthy and rhythm that is mandatory to hold a visitor at the end of your content.

Anyway friends, today I will share you 9 best English Grammar and Spelling Checker Software. I researched online to look out the top software. And I found the following 9 tools as best.

If you are a serious content writer, you can try them.

1. Grammar and Spellchecker

Grammar and Spellchecker is powered by Ginger. It can check both US and UK grammar and spelling. This tool gives you the right accuracy for the critical mistakes that you cannot find yourself. Thus, it improves your documents written in English.

2. Spell Check Plus

Spell Check Plus is a good online English grammar and spell checker software. It finds out your common spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and solves them in the most significant ways. It has a pro version too for the professional content writer. http://pro.spellcheckplus.com/

3. Grammar Check Online

Grammar Check Online is a free online tool of Ginger Software. No doubt it is the #1 checker for grammar. It helps you to create correct documents. It corrects unmatched words, misused words, spelling, and grammar.

4. Ginger Software (Free/Premium)

Ginger software is the best English corrector for the writing app, mobile keyboard and desktop use. It is an award winning software. I personally use it for my desktop. It gives me a good rhythm of writing that sounds good if you read loudly. It corrects the grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word mistakes, choosing the best words and so on.

5. After the Deadline

After the Deadline is another one of the best checkers for spelling, grammar and style for improving your texts. It corrects your English in contextual spelling, advanced style and intelligent grammar. It is free for personal writing. You can use its server software for commercial purposes.

6. Grammarly: Grammar Checker

I think Grammarly is the most used and accurate grammar checker software in the world. It checks 250 points of grammar, contextual spelling and vocabulary. Bill Winterberg, Journalist, Atlanta said about Grammarly “The service goes beyond the basic spell check and grammar check built into the word processor, as Grammarly can identify correctly spelled words that are used in the wrong context.”

7. White Smoke (Premium)

White Smoke is the #1 writing software in English. It is a premium tool. You can use it for grammar checking, grammar explanation, style checking, dictionary-thesaurus, spell checking, letter & document templates and writing reviews.

8. Correct English (premium)

Correct English is another best premium checker for English grammar and spelling. It is more than software. It works like a human. It corrects grammar, choose the best words, solves spelling and organizes the sentences in the most meaningful and easy ways.

9. Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker

It is a free checker for spelling. We sometimes make slight mistakes in grammar and spelling that recorrect the Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker. It ensures you that you are not making any silly mistakes in writing English contents or documents online.

If you think, the above English grammar and spelling checker software are helpful for you, don’t forget to share it with others. And, if you use another good one, share it please. I will add your checker to my list.

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