9 Big Benefits of LSI Keywords

9 Big Benefits of LSI Keywords

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Benefits of LSI Keywords

You can get almost double visitors if you use LSI keywords in your content. Before I wrote about what LSI keywords are and how to find best LSI keywords. In this article, I will touch the important benefits of LSI keywords.

After publishing Google Panda and Penguin updates, LSI keywords have been more important. LSI is basically a mathematical term that refers to singular value decomposition that means the relation between the concept and important terms of a content. Broadly, it means one single concept must come out of a different number of similar terms in an article. Google has identified this process as the use of LSI keywords.

This SEO technique focuses on a single subject by using more related or synonymous keywords. Google also shows a web page in SERP by considering LSI keywords and give more value to the copies that have used LSI keywords.

LSI Keywords: 8 Larger Benefits

Anyway, today I will write about the advantages of inserting Latent Semantic Indexing keywords in your blog post to boost up your entire text both for the visitors and search engines. The main benefit of Latent Semantic Indexing keywords is: you can target several keywords at a time to get more traffic. Apart from, there are some other important advantages you can enjoy by inserting LSI keywords in your article. See them below:

1. Fast Indexing

LSI keyword enhances the versatility of your content. It also makes the article rich for the visitors. And Google or other search engines like rich content most. So, they give priority to your content to index fast.

2. Natural Ranking

Ranking a web page naturally is really easy, but most of the online publishers make this easy task tough by using keyword stuffing. The proper use of LSI ensures that you are on the right track and your article is optimized focusing on the visitors, not Google. This is the most vital reason to rank your post naturally. And the content ranks in natural ways, become viral, creating tons of traffic.

3. Remain Ranked of All Time

To maintain the rank of your web page steadily is really a hard task. But, it can be easy if you use Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. For an instance- your keyword is “top ten hit movies of Hollywood in all times”. You write only “movies” because it is the vogue now. After 5 years people may use it mostly with “film” instead of “movie”. If you haven’t used “film” in your article, your content will not be shown in the SERP for “film”. Your article will be shown only for the term of “movie”. Again, you used here “top” because it is now used mostly, but later “best” may be used by most people. So, if you don’t write “best” few times also, you will lose thousands of visitors. So, the use of LSI keywords helps you to remain your blog post ranked of all times.

4. Visitors Come from Various Search Engines

If you use Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, you will have a greater chance to get huge exposure from different search engines. People search different related terms in different search engines. Such as- John searches in Google “home remedies for headache”. But, Kisslu searches in Bing “home treatments for headache”. So, if you use both of them to explain your main keywords, you will get a larger amount of traffics.

5. No Spamming

Basically, the application of LSI SEO was come out to protect the keyword stuffing. Keyword spamming harms a content in the views of users and ultimately user dissatisfaction is a bad sign for your site according to Google. Think, you have written “how to create natural backlinks” again and again in your copy. How your readers will feel when they see a single term repeatedly. It is just a disturbance for a user. When you write this keyword with synonyms, it will be a great sound to the readers with reading. They stay your site more time. So, there is no chance to get spammed by Google.

6. Receiving Huge Traffic

You cannot imagine how much traffic you will receive on your site by writing LSI terms in your blog post. See the following example:

Your keyword is “How to write a content for web”

Your visitor exposure is 4000 per month for this keyword. You have not employed any LSI keywords. So you will miss extra visitors.

Now see the magic of using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.

“How to write a content for web” can be also expressed by “how to write an article for web”, “how to write a blog post for web”, “how to write a post for web”, “how to write a web content” etc.

If you write these terms also to express your main concept, you will get the extra streams of traffics. How? See the below calculation: suppose

  • 3000 visitors search with “how to write an article for web”
  • 2000 visitors search with “how to write a blog post for web”
  • 2000 visitors search with “how to write a post for web”
  • 1000 visitors search with “how to write a web content”

Just calculate it. Now you have got 8000 excessive visitors because of writing LSI keywords. Before you would get only 4000 visitors and lost 8000 visitors. So, take the extra visitors by using the LSI SEO technique in your webpage.

7. SEO Optimization

Optimal Keyword density is a potential factor to rank your site. On the other hand, over-optimization with keywords breaks down the optimal or natural stream of your keyword density. Consequently, you may be punished by Google. Therefore, the most important idea is to optimize your main keyword with LSI terms. It does not make your content keyword stuffed or over optimized, rather makes your text naturally readable with optimal optimization.

8. Central Theme Goes More Strong

Suppose- your keyword is “how to get traffic naturally”. The main theme of your keywords is the ways of getting traffic or visitors in natural ways. So, you should highlight only on your central topic. To clarify your chief topic, whatever the terms you need, you can use them. It enriches your content’s main point rather than repeating particular keywords.

9. Targeting More Keywords

Using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords is also a good technique to target several terms against your primary keywords. “How to write a content for web” if you write it in different ways like the above, you will get more traffic that ensures to target more terms at a time.

My advice is: use LSI keywords because it is a natural way to get a huge amount of traffics and rank your site fast. The employment of LSI keywords is safe for your web pages. You never will be penalized by Google. Visitors will give you more value as they like the variation of a content. They don’t like to read unwell writing with keyword stuffing.

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