10 Best Free Blog name Generator

10 Best Free Blog name Generator

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Today, I am going to recommend you 10 best free blog name generator, which you can use for your purpose.

If you want to create a new website or blog, you have to do a lot of components. Selecting the domain name of your blog or web site is one of the basic works. Domain name is too essential for your website or blog; as it needs to be fit with your business or needs to be taped to the targeted key word for boosting up SEO.

But, selecting the domain name is not a kid’s task. It needs to be gone through a lot of complications if you are trying to select domain name manually.

So, to make you free from these sorts of troubles and complications, there are so many tools to generate the name of your blog.

Let’s enjoy the best free blog name generator, guys.

#01: Lean Domain search

Lean Domain Search has been owned by Automatic, the parent company of WordPress. It is best for business as it can show the highest number of results. It has some others magnificent facilities too.  When you insert a keyword, it not only double checks its availability, but also it checks the Twitter name is available or not. You can copy the suggested list to your clipboard.



#02:  Panabee

Panabee is another best blog name generator. It is free too. It searches the result of .com as well as it can also shows the result of many other international domain such as .co.uk, .in, .au and many more. It can also suggest the name of social media usernames.



#03: Domainr

The core feature of this blog name generator is, it can turn your big keyword to the shortest one, and suggest you in a clever way. So if you want to get some unique blog names, you can try this. You might like it.



#04: Name Mesh

Name Mesh emphasizes on all SEO-focused suggestions, fun suggestions, similar domain suggestions, and common short suggestions. So, you are going to get all in one, if you use this name generator. Red and green mark shows the availability of the domain name.



#05: Domains BOT

Domains BOT has a pretty user friendly interface. It is so simple to use. This blog name generator works by simply entering the keywords, and hitting the search button.

It will show all the registered and unregistered names. Then you can select from them just by hitting the buy button.



#06: Wordroid

Wordroid has multiple language support. It can show suggestions not only in English, but also in Spanish, French, Italian, and German. You can also choose the quality by pressing high, medium, or low button. You can also select the pattern. That means you can choose, by which word you are willing to start, or end. Then obviously you can select the length.



#07: Online Generator

Online Generator is used not only for generating blog names, but also it can be used to generate business names, or brand names. This site has variety of tools that ensure,you are getting the perfect names fulfilling your purposes.



#08: Gzzt

Gzzt has made the blog name generator easier by introducing the step by step system. To generate a blog name first, you have to select the niche. Then you have to make a list of words that you want to get. Then Gzzt shows an ample amount of suggestions. Then you can easily pick one.



#09: Dot-o-Mator

Dot-o-Mator provides the opportunity to select the beginning word and ending word. Then it shows the result by combining these two.



#10: NX Dom

NX Dom can show the result from the typing of first letter. Then you can select the order. Suppose, if you want to get the shortest name first, then you can select it. It has other orders option too. Such as: more human readable, longer, but most popular, without numbers and dashes and so on.



All the above mentioned blog name generators are free to use. Almost all of them have common features. So, it is a bit hard to choose the best one. I personally used Domainr and Wordroid to generate my blog names. I think, these two are slightly different from others. Rest all are also enough to fulfill your requirements.

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