10 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

10 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

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Plagiarism means trying to turn off one’s idea, or word, as one’s own without giving any credit of a source. Shortly, plagiarism means copying ideas and words from someone else.

In the era of Google, one can simply search something on Google, copy contents from there, and then simply pass off that as one’s own. To get rid of this ‘copy-paste’ issue, I have come with some best free plagiarism checker tools.

By using these following plagiarism detectors, you can easily detect plagiarism from your article, content or any document for the web.

#10: Plagiarism Detector


Plagiarism detector is helpful for both the teachers and the students. You can use this plagiarism checker without any complications. It just needs to copy the content, and paste it into the provided window. Then press the search button.

#9. See Sources


See Sources is basically online based plagiarism checker software. It is free and automatic. To use this plagiarism tool, you have to remember a few things. You have to choose .doc or .docs format, if you are using MS Word. If you are using html, then you have to select .htm format. Then you can start checking by pressing ‘start analysis.

#8: Viper


Viper is one of the fastest plagiarisms checking tools online. It can scan your contents through more than 20 billion resources. But, you will need to download it first. It is free to download and it is only for the Microsoft users.

#7: Plag Tracker


Plag Tracker is also an online based plagiarism detector. Like the Viper, it can also scan your document through more than 20 billion resources. It shows a report about your document after each and every scan.

#6: Plagium


Plagium is one of the best plagiarism detector tools. It is free and simple enough to use. You can use it by simply copy-paste the document in the window of Plagium. Just remember one thing; your text should not exceed more than 250 words. It has six languages support.

#5: Plagiarism Checker


Plagiarism checker has an author button. This button can be used to detect others plagiarized work in online. It is also a free plagiarism detector tool and it does not need any download to use.

#4: Plagiarisma


Plagiarisma provides a search box to check the plagiarism. It has also software available for Windows users. HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT, PDF and URLs can be searched with plagiarism.

#3: Paper Rater


Paper Rater is one of the most popular plagiarism checker software. It is well known for its three best features- Grammar checking, Plagiarism detection, and writing suggestions.  This plagiarism detector tool is maintained by some professionals and graduate students.

#2: Dupli Checker


Most probably Dupli Checker is the most used plagiarism checker. It is free, and very simple to use. You just need to copy-paste your document, and then wait for a few seconds to watch your result.

#1: Anti-Plagiarism


Anti-Plagiarism is used for most effectively detect plagiarism and then prevents it. Nowadays, Anti-plagiarism is providing free software to reduce plagiarism. .rtf, .Doc, and .Docs files can be used with this plagiarism tool.

All the plagiarism checker tools here, work very nicely. Personally, I have used Plagiarism Checker for my assignments, and its result satisfied me a lot. So, I can recommend those best free plagiarism checker tools for you. It can save your times and it is very easy to use. Or you can use other plagiarism detectors mentioned the above.

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