08 Best Keyword Research Tools for Affiliate Marketing

08 Best Keyword Research Tools for Affiliate Marketing

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Top free & premium keyword research tools

Best Keyword Research Tools for Affiliate Marketing

The success of your affiliate marketing mostly depends on the proper keyword research. If your keyword finding is not good, it is often very hard to rank a specific term. The days of keywords brainstorming without using any tools are gone. Nowadays, you have to compete with hundreds of affiliate marketers around the world. So, you need only the solid research for your keywords. Based on this information, you have to shape your outline for your affiliate programs.

Best Keyword Research Tools for Affiliate Marketing

However friends, today I am giving you 08 best keyword research tools for affiliate marketing. These keyword research software helps you drastically to cut out the best and most relevant keywords for your affiliated products.

1. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Undoubtedly, the Google Keyword Planner is the most powerful and strongest keyword research tool for your all online publishing campaigns. Whatever your program, like PPC campaigns, content marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO campaigns or other marketing initiatives, GKP is the best option. It gives you thousands of keyword ideas based on “Ad group ides” and “keyword ideas”. You can know the keyword’s competition, search volume, trending, ad impression share, suggested bid etc. This free tool provides you with all types of keywords, including head, body and long-tail keywords. So, you will get your keyword management easy for your affiliate marketing or other SEO works.

2. Google Trends

It is especial and very effective for product affiliation. It shows you the trends of your keywords, the regions where the products or keywords are more popular and trending, what are top at present and what are rising fast. It shows you the LSI keywords for your main keywords. The main benefit of this keyword research tool is you can focus your affiliation based on your targeted customers and regions. You can formulate your marketing policies, according to the most used regions. Google Trends is also helpful for PPC campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing or niche keyword research.

3. Ubersuggest (Free)

Ubersuggest is a unique keyword research tool for any kind of niche, blog, content marketing, affiliation, PPC campaigns, bloggers or other SEO practices. It is able to give you huge keyword ideas base on a single keyword according to the real search engine queries. Even, it offers sub-category for each keyword. I personally take help from Ubersuggest to pick up my long-tail keywords.

4. WordStream Keyword Tools (Free)

The free keyword tools of WordStream are very integrated, usable and actionable. The digital marketers, social media marketers, and content marketers or affiliate marketers will get the ideas on negative keywords, long-tail keyword phrases, keyword analysis, keyword grouping, keyword management and keyword suggestion. The WordStream free keyword tool is very fast and potent to bring out the most useful terms from thousands of keywords. It also offers the competency to work for researching keywords beyond the typical free other tools.

5. WordTracker Free Keywords Tool

It is a fantastic free keyword research tool for the marketers, especially the affiliate campaigners can use it as a perfectionist technique. It is capable to make your works easy and helps you to find out the long-tail keyword phrases that you can use to rank your page easily. The digital marketers, SEO experts, content marketers or PPC campaigners can also research their keywords through WordTracker free version.

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6. Keyword Eye (Free)

Keyword Eye is a potent, fast and like a premium keyword research tool. It helps you with your digital marketing, affiliate marketing or content marketing campaigns. It also helps you to research your competitors. It gives you ideas about your competitor keywords and ranking data, keyword brainstorming, relevant quarries, on-site keyword trends, presentations and proposals, copy writing, affiliates to find a niche market and bloggers,  and much more data related to keyword researching.

7. Moz Keyword Difficulty (Premium)

Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool helps you for competitive analysis, search volume, right keyword or phrase. By using this keyword research tool, you can minimize your efforts and time, maximize your outputs. Moz Keyword Difficulty finds out the best 10 rankings for your main keyword and gives a difficulty score according to the pages currently ranked for those keywords. This process helps you to understand the clear difficulty to rank a keyword. You can see your keyword search volume and top 10 search results in the SERP for your keywords. This tool also shows you the point where your competitors are staying and you can hurt them.

8. SEMrush Pro

SEMrush as a premium keyword research tool is an essential part for the marketers across the world for their daily keyword research. It helps you from analyzing the keywords to look for the best ways of advertising of your products to sell them more. SEMrush pro is a complete and the best software for a professional affiliate marketer. It does not motivate you to guess your marketing efforts, rather it shows you the product trends, present competition and budget spent by your competitors. It is a keyword research tool for affiliation based on the practical resources and documents.

The most challenging part of affiliate marketing is to find out the keywords for those you can run a marketing campaign successfully. If your keywords are not rightly selected, your whole performance of marketing will be vain and you will lose your confidence to do in the future. So, the starting point of your campaign should be finer and accurate so that your total process can be successful.

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