10 Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

10 Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

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10 Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

‘Mobile apps’ may not seem much contributed in the business fields, but actually it is. Efficiency is the word that must be tagged to each and every business entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur, you can prove your efficiency level by doing your troublesome works with the help of simple mobile apps. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

It is beyond your imagination that how much work can be done so easily with a simple mobile app.

Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Recently, there lots of useful mobile apps can be found which can save you much time and money in your business. So, why will you not use those?

So, for you I have made a list of “10 best mobile apps for entrepreneurs”. You can pick yours necessary one from this list.

Well, let’s see the best mobile apps for entrepreneurs.

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Who doesn’t know the name of Skype? It is an excellent product of Microsoft to communicate across all over the world. You can chat with voice, text and video with a cheap rate. Skype is really very user friendly and thus it has been the most used and best mobile apps for entrepreneurs in their communication.

Google Translate

Nowadays people don’t need to learn the new languages to communicate with foreign people. Google translate can translate more than 70 languages. Just copy the words in your own language to the Google translate box, and then select the language in which you want to translate. Your job will be done.


Dropbox is another best mobile apps for entrepreneurs. You can always store your important files and document to your Dropbox. You will not need to carry your laptop all the time. Simply you can get your necessary files fromthe Dropbox from wherever you want. You can also share your business files and it doesn’t need an email.

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Genius Scanner

It can save both your money on printing and scanning and time of sharing documents. With this app you can easily take picture of the documents, which work as scanner and then share it as JPEG or PDF file.


EchoSign is a must needed mobile app for entrepreneurs. This is anadobe app which gives the advantages to sign the document electronically. It also keeps a record of your document history, so you can track the past activities from wherever and whenever you want.


Evernote is also one of the finest and simplest mobile apps. It acquires a position in the list of the best mobile apps for entrepreneurs, for quite a good reason.

When you are an entrepreneur, all the time new ideas and tricks will be popping up in your head. You can’t always keep that idea in your head, so you will need to write that down. Evernote will help you with that.


TrackMaven is fully business purposed mobile app. It will help you to check the competition. You will not need to go in lots of trouble in consulting with sources for that. It can also notify you very recent marketing activities.

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Transferring money in the business world is not only important, but also quite risky. PayPal Here is an amazing app which can transfer your money securely. You can make a deposit in this app by simply using your mobile camera.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is another one of the best mobile apps for entrepreneurs in managing their various projects. Manually you cannot do all the stuff of project management. So, simply download this app on your phone, and then you can easily monitor your whole team with your phone.


As you are an entrepreneur, you will frequently need to take lots of decisions about your location or office. This amazing app will let you take pictures of your location. Now you must be thinking, taking pictures is not a tough task. Yes, it is not, but the important fact about this app is it will help you to add all the pictures together and get a 3D view.  It will give you a real feeling abouta location.

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The above mentioned best mobile apps for entrepreneurs are hugely used in the business world. There are also so many mobile apps existed excluding this list. You can also use them. But, the above apps I use for my personal works and communication, and I really enjoy them. That’s why; I pursue them for you to perform your business better. If you find any apps useful then please let me know by leaving a comment. This might be useful to others.

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