10 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress- Try Your Favorite One

10 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress- Try Your Favorite One

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10 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Suppose, you have quality contents, services or products that are worth of sharing, but putting them in just a blog or website will not help you much. But, you can drive much traffic to your page with your contents. And for that, different social media is going to help you.

Usually, a social media contains many visitors rather than a blog does. You can hunt them from there and make them the visitors of your blog.

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Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

You can promote your content in these social media, and for that you are going to need to use social sharing plugins. Because you can’t place the entire link of your content in all social media with your single hand, and count the likes and shares with just using your brain. That’s why must use these plugins.

Now I am going to represent a list of 10 Best social sharing Plugins for WordPress, given below:

#1: Monarch

The monarch is a pretty unique social sharing Plugins for WordPress, basically from Elegant. It has added lots features, which make it much different from others.

Monarch offers the advantage of putting the social media sharing button at anywhere in the post. It has two more interesting options, known as Pop-up and fly in, which automatically get displayed, after your visitors are finished going through your post. Thus, it can increase the sharing activities.

It has also other finest features available including- display options, easy user interface, social shares, likes and follows tracker etc.

You will need to get the license from Elegant theme, to use this Plugin.

#2: Social Warfare

Adding the share button in the post is just a basic thing. Social Warfare has come up with more.

If you are considering social media to share your post, then you must have thought about Pinterest. In Pinterest, you can share your post with description. But the 1st problem is you cannot upload the image in right size, that’s mean your image will be uploaded in shorter size. The 2nd problem is you won’t get much traffic with the shorter images. So, to get rid of these two problems, Social warfare is here. You can make your images in right size with this Plugin.

That’s not it. This Plugin has still lots of things to offer. You will be provided lots of options like some marvelous themes, ‘click to tweet’ box, custom tweet text, and many more.

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#3: ULTIMATE Social Delux

If you are looking for premium rated and one of the best social sharing Plugins for WordPress, then use Ultimate Social Delux.

Of course, it has enough number of social media share button for work.

There are actually five placement options available in this Plugin. You can place them at the top of your post, or bottom of your post, or keep them floating.

It has used java script, thus the buttons look awesome.

If you are interested to show the social media profile, you can add a widget.

#4: Digg Digg

Digg Digg is one of the most popular and best social sharing plugins for WordPress. It has a bunch of amazing features and enough number of eye catching themes available.

Its social sharing button does not make the blog slower. With this Plugin, you can make your share bar floating.

But there is a problem using this Plugin. It does not fit well with the Jetpack responsive theme. But overall, it is enough user’s friendly.

 #5: Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a total package of bunch amazing features. It supports about 20 social networks, more than enough, isn’t it?

There are 12 social like, share and follow buttons with a social fans counter. It has also 12 templates and these are built in, and it has lots of customization options available.

All these features ensures this Plugin to obtain a place in the list of best social sharing plugins for WordPress.

#6: Shareaholic

We should call Shareaholic a content management system, rather than a WordPress Plugin. It does not only support WordPress, but also it works great with Drupal, Tumblr, and Shopify. One good thing of this Plugin is it does not display irrelevant content. It has other useful features too.

Shareaholic is totally free to use.

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#7: Social Share button

Perhaps, this is the most stylish Plugin, I have ever used. It has ample amount of designs of button available. One of these buttons can show the number of times your page gets shared. You can reposition these buttons. You can put them on top, or bottom, or left, or right, anywhere you wish. It is a free Plugin too.

#8: Power Pinner

Now here is another Plugin for sharing content with Pinterest. It has about 4 calls to action designs and that can be customizable too.

You will need to 16 dollars to use this Plugin.

#9: AddThis

AddThis can work with about 300 social media. With this Plugin, you can select the size and design of the icons and buttons. This actually free, but for getting the premium service from this Plugin, you should use the paid version, which costs $12 per month.

It has some additional widget including floating social media bar.

So this Plugin also deserves a place in the list of best social sharing plugins for WordPress

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#10: ShareThis

ShareThis holds the capability of putting different social media icon directly into the post. That makes an easy way for the visitors to share the post in several social media.

It has a different button, called CopyNShare. If any visitor copies your page’s URL, it will notify you instantly help you to track.

Except these 10 best social sharing plugins for WordPress, there are thousands of social sharing plugins are available. But, you cannot choose from all of these. That’s why the above list is given. If any of you have used any good plugin, or if you have found any more best social sharing plugins for WordPress which has not been mentioned here, then feel free to recommended in the comment box.

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