14 Best Tools for SEO Content Writing

14 Best Tools for SEO Content Writing

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You know, content is king. I don’t believe it. I believe quality content is king. And a quality content consists of a series of disciplines. For lack of one important discipline, your content can become less potent.

For an example- you have to first find out your keyword that you can write on. You have to check its plagiarism, grammar, writing quality and so on. That’s why; writing content is not a single part. You need to complete many different things to optimize an article perfectly so that it can be potential both to the visitors and Google or other search engines.

For that, you have to take help from various tools or software that help you to fix up a particular number of issues during writing contents/ after publishing them.  However guys, today I show you the best tools for SEO content writing according to 3 categories. Okay, let’s enjoy the article.

Google Tools Always On Top Listed

No other software or tools are as powerful and effective as the tools powered by Google. I tell you, first use the Google provided tools. If you cannot fulfill your necessities by using them, try another one.

# 01: Google Optimizer

Google Optimizer is a tool for optimizing and testing your sites or pages. It creates value for your website’s traffic. This tool works well to separate the better contents. It is particularly excellent to check conversion rates of your pages comparing to another ones and works great to determine the value of your landing pages.

# 02: Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools show you the top queries and pages. It is basically all about Google index and crawl status of your contents and images. You can get the ideas about CTR, impressions, clicks, and average position of your articles on Google SERPs that will help you to take actions for future.

# 03: Keyword Planner

I tell you, this is the best tool for keyword research for your content writing, creation, or marketing. It gives you thousands of ideas to write contents. From here you can get also long-tail keywords, medium keywords or exact keywords and low or medium or high competitive topics. Just choose yourself which one you write on.

# 04: Google Trends

Google Trends indicates you what contents are rising and are already on top chart. It gives you the ideas based on geographical regions. You can easily take the concept about what people are searching on Google as per regional facts. Thus, selecting topic for writing contents will be easy.

#05: Google Analytics

From Google Analytics, you can know about your visitors, which contents get ranked, bounce rate, the amount of organic search, page views and many more analysis. It mainly analyze the traffic issues of your contents or pages. You can see each and every analysis based on date. I personally take a great help to update my contents and the ides for next writing.

Free Software, But Works Like Premiums

Though these tools are free, but very very effective and used mostly by millions of online publishers. I am also using many free best tools for SEO content writing. You can also try them for better output.

# 06: All in One SEO Pack and Yoast for WordPress

You may get lots of plugins for optimizing your WP’s SEO, but these two ones are on top. I personally use WordPress SEO by Yoast. All in One SEO Pack is more effective for ecommerce pages. These two software will help you to optimize your title, title tag, Meta description, images and all other onpage SEO aspects.

# 07: Heming Way App

Heming Way App is a free tool to improve the writing quality. It shows you the passive sentences, complicated phrases, confusing words etc. so that the article becomes easy and smooth for the readers.

# 08: Canva

Canva basically an image creation website for the contents. It can create images for your social channels, posts, banners and all essential images you need. It has thousands of free image creation options. Also, you can use its pro version that will give you more relevant and smooth images for specific topics or keywords.

Premium Website Based Tools

No doubt, premium tools are always best. Your second choice can be the use of premium tools or software.

# 09: Copyscape

Copyscape is a #one website for plagiarism checking. It checks your content’s duplication. This tool also detects your content whether anyone steals it. Nowadays unique article is the first quality of SEO. For lack of plagiarism, you may be penalized by the search engines.

# 10: Inbound Writer

Inbound Writer is my favorite tool after completing my contents. I see my content’s score with this tool. It shows you the standard of your content giving score from 1 to 100. That helps to understand the value of your post. You can check 8 copies free a month, then you need to pay them.

# 11: WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in

This website is also a top one for the SEO content writers. It mainly optimizes your copy writing for the search engines. It shows you an effective ways how to optimize an article from keyword research to SEO content writing. Besides, it also helps you to select easy keywords, related topics, long-tail keyword phrases and optimization for keywords.

# 12: Blog Topic Generator

Blog Topic Generator is a premium software for content writing. It gives you the concept of fantastic titles and break down a single keyword into various topics. It indicates you a series of contents. It saves you time from brainstorming.

# 13: Siteliner

Siteliner has both free and premium version. In free trial, you can check only a website having 250 pages only. In pro version, you can check as many time as you want and unlimited pages. Siteliner is mainly a dupli checker. It can identify a single sentence or phrase even if they are duplicated.

# 14: Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a premium tool for the professional SEO content writers. It allows you to find low competitive keywords, related articles, shows the ideas that you planned to write whether it is already in online, and related contents links. This tool also helps you to schedule and publish your contents in the right ways.


Hope, the above top 14 tools for SEO content writing will be helpful for you if you want to be a professional article writer. Don’t forget- Content is king. So, put your best effort to create a good content that can satisfy your readers or visitors.

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