12 Best WordPress Plugins for Comments

12 Best WordPress Plugins for Comments

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Best WordPress Plugins for Comments

The comment section is a vital part of a site or blog. It expands the engagement and crowds in your site. The visitors or users can express their opinions about your services and products in the comments. You also respond them to their questions or queries. Thus, the comment system gradually builds up a good relationship with your users.

On the other hand, comments have a great role to optimize your site for SEO and search engine perspective. The more comments your page have, the more probability to boost up.

The commenting option is also a great way of creating a big community based on the users that ultimately leads your website to a brand.

To build up a commenting system, you have two options. One is your default comment style with your theme and another one is to install distinctive tool or plugin to customize your comment as you like. The second one is more powerful because it offers you the most benefits you can cut off from the comments.

Anyway guys, today I am on your side with some best WordPress plugins for comments. If your site is on WordPress, hope the plugins will be outstanding and SEO friendly for you.

Ok, let’s turn our eyes to the below:

1. Comments – WordPress Plugin by VicomiComments - WordPress Plugin by Vicomi

It is a great plugin for showing your WordPress default comment. The tool is absolutely free, but works excellently. It is designed with a great graphic look along with the cool and stylish interface. A variety of emotional comments are attached. You can select your comment style and platform if you need when you do a register. The plugin is very helpful to enlarge your user’s streams. You will be able to get more traffic by 3%-10% by using this comment plugin. See some features:


  • Free for use
  • Install in just 5 minutes
  • Spam tools, moderation insights and moderation tools included
  • Indexable comments by iFrame SEO
  • Any emotion can be attached
  • Giving comments very easy
  • Optimizable and customizable comment for better exploration
2. Facebook Comments MasterFacebook Comments Master

This plugin has a good combination of comment system for Facebook on the big WordPress sites. It is a masterpiece tool for Facebook commenting system that will integrate to a professional commenting look to your site. A heavy website is always engaged with tons of people. So, they have to manage thousands of comments that sometimes create challenges for them. But, Facebook Comments Master has made this tough job easier for the big publishers making their site very rapid and clean.

3. Growmap Anti Spambot PluginGrowmap Anti Spambot Plugin

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin is an ultimate tool to manage your thousands of comments about your WP website. It has a client side generated checkbox that works in two ways. It detects the automated spam bots and destroys them to keep your site fresh. If no spam, it will ensure you about it too. It is easier to use than fill up the captcha. The client side JavaScript creates the box that is hidden to the bots. So, the plugin is able to kill your 99% spam comment bots.

4. CommentLuvCommentLuv

CommentLuv is a little bit more than a comment plugin. It fights against the spam bots, increases social inclination, adds the best commentator gadget, combine Twitter link and helps adding keywords. This plugin is integrated with some powerful backlink components that will enhance your site’s value to the search engines. It will represent a link automatically in the last post at the end of a comment that motivates the community to dig out other blog posts.

5. AkismetAkismet

No doubt, it is one of the best plugins for managing comments on WordPress blogs. I personally use it to take action for my comment management. It shows you signal for individual comments, like spam, approve etc. You can delete the spam comments easily. Akismet allows you to customize the approve comments and publish them again after approving. You will have another new admin panel after installing Akismet. As far I know, most of the WordPress site owners use Akismet to handle their comments.

Some Resources: 

6. WP Ajax Edit CommentsWP Ajax Edit Comments

It has a great option to edit the comments as often as you want as an admin, but the users are allowed to edit comments in a limited number of times. So, you can republish the relevant portion on your site that will be more enticed to the visitors.

7. Disqus Comment SystemDisqus Comment System

The Disqus comment plugin will replace the WordPress comment with its comment hosted technique. It works awesome both for comment and discussion sessions. It will help you to create a strong conversational community by connecting the users to your WordPress site or blog. Both of you can interact and be connected easily on a single platform that ultimately will build up a vast crowd.


  • Complete spam filtering, blacklisted & whitelisted for comments
  • Create easy comments & replies
  • Strong moderation & admin panel to manage comments
  • Be connected with a huge community
  • Notifications and reply by email
  • Subscribe & RSS options
  • A large readership and exposure of the users
  • Integrated comments & social mentions
8. De:commentsDe:comments

De:comments is a premium comment plugin for WordPress. So, obviously it is one of the best tools for WP comments. It is just not a comment plugin, yet integrated with many tools that basically will improve an enormous engagement to your site.


  • Easily customizable
  • Complete social login features
  • Fully responsive
  • Like or dislike option for the comments
  • Comments can be shared to the social networks
  • Multilingual
  • Status updates, Tweets, images, videos and GIFs can be added to your comments
  • Combinable to other plugins
  • Easy to install and manage
9. Facebook CommentsFacebook Comments
10. Comments Evolved for WordPressomments Evolved for WordPress
11. bublaa forum and commentsbublaa forum and comments
12. Muut – Commenting and Forums Re-ImaginedMuut – Commenting and Forums Re-Imagined

I said before, I personally like Akismet and I have been using it for a long time. That does not mean; the rests are bad. They are also highly qualified and completely capable of integrating your comments to your WordPress site. And help you to take out the optimum outputs of the comment section.

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