Top 20 Business Ideas for College Students

Top 20 Business Ideas for College Students

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The economy is always changeable. Today is good, tomorrow can be bad. There is no guarantee you will get a stable job after finishing your study. So, better idea to start something (business) from your student life that can help you to earn extra money, but it will grow matured in future if you continue it.

Business Ideas for college Students

Perhaps, college life is the most wonderful periods of human life. One gets all the new things and feelings during this time. Making new friends, hanging out with friends and many other interesting things are common in college life. All these things make the college life really amazing.

But, if you can add some extra income with all these things, your college life would be more perfect. That’s why, to earn some extra money, you can think of doing some small businesses, which can be easily done by a student. You will feel self-reliant, and you can bear some expenses yourself too.

There is also another reason why you should start a business in your college life. Ok, let’s face it, our current economy is running on the crisis. This is really too hard to earn money even for a post-graduate. So, it would be really great, if you start earning from now.

Business Ideas for college Students- 20 Best Jobs

So, before starting any business, you will need some ideas regarding which business you can start with the easiest and simplest way. For that, I have found 20 super business ideas for college students, which I am going to mention below.  Let’s have a look-

#1: Food CartBusiness Ideas for college Students

The food cart is one of the few businesses in the world, in which there are not any single chance to get flopped. People always love to eat, and if they get, what they would like to have on hand, what else will they want? You will need nothing, but just three things to start a food court business; at first a cart, then a license, and lastly food to cook. You can get the food cart for rent, or you can make it by your own. You will need to find a perfect location for your business, where you can get enough customers to sell your foods. A place, like near a school or college campus, shopping malls, or hospital would be great.

#2: Selling T-shirtsBusiness Ideas for college Students

Wearing cool and unique T-shirts, with funny saying printed on, has been a tremendous part of today’s trend, especially to the teenage generation. There is really a massive demand of T-shirts. You will just need to provide some surprising designs to make your product unique from the other and your customer just spell wow……… If you can make your T-shirts popular among your targeted customers, you will never need to look back!

#3: Photography and Video ServicesBusiness Ideas for college Students

I can’t imagine a wedding event without photography and video services. The demand for this service has been raised a lot as well as it has become a passion for many college students. If you have a good sense of pictures, and a great eye to capture the picture, then you can easily go in this business. You will need almost nothing as a capital to start this business. A nice camera and ability to use photoshop will be more than enough.

#4: Tutoring ServiceBusiness Ideas for college Students

Perhaps, this is the most popular business idea for college students to provide tuition services. If you are good at any specific subject, you can teach a student for payments. You can also provide online tutoring. You will need to invest just your mental capital, not a single penny in this business.

#5: Bookkeeping ServiceBusiness Ideas for college Students

If you are doing a major in finance and accounting, you can take a part time job of book keeping in any departmental stores, small shops, or shopping malls. You can earn enough from the salaries, as well as you can gather much experience, which will be a lot beneficial for your future professional career.

#6: BloggingBusiness Ideas for college Students

If you are too skilled in writing, you can express yourself as an excellent blogger. You can write contents for websites. Nowadays, people are taking blogging as their main profession, as it is a great source of income. I also like it very much. I am a student of BBA. I am blogging on a fashion related site where I write various styles, beauty care tips, etc. And already I have started to earn.

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#7: Website DesigningBusiness Ideas for college Students

You can be a freelancer. If you have knowledge on HTML, WordPress, Flash or other site-building platforms you can easily work in designing websites. Business companies always need websites, and they often hire a web-designer to build their websites. You can grab their offer, and make some money from them.

#8: Selling Hand Crafted GoodsBusiness Ideas for college Students

You can make or buy pre-made handcrafted goods and then sell them. You won’t have to worry about marketing, internet will do the rest. If you can make these products by your own, it will reduce your cost and maximize your profit. But, if you cannot, you can also buy from others in whole-sale rate, and then sell them. But, usually making these things is not so tough.

#9: Sports Training ServiceBusiness Ideas for college Students

If you are good at sports, you can start a personal sports training service. You can target the people who are willing to invest money to be sportsmen like you. You won’t need much money as capital, but you will need to have better skill and experience to provide the training well.

#10: Event PlanningBusiness Ideas for college Students

Event management is a wonderful business idea for college students. There have been too many events, like wedding, convocations, matriculations, award functions are always going on throughout the year. If you have the skills and experience in planning these events, you can get money from here. At the initial stage, you have to face some difficulties, like managing capitals and sponsor, gaining the customer’s satisfaction. But, the dedication and hard work can make you an excellent event planner.

#11: Avon Sales RepresentativeBusiness Ideas for college Students

If you have a fine and fresh concept in marketing, then you must be good at sales. Then why are you not expressing yourself as a sales representative for Avon? You will need just $10 to start the job, and there are many other facilities too. You can set your own hours and place for doing this job.

#12: Baby-sitting ServiceBusiness Ideas for college Students

To start a babysitting service, you will need to collect license costs $100, and a certificate in first aid and CPR which will cost $50. You can also get this certificate for free from the organization like Read Cross. You need to invest some money first, but you will get the money back soon. You just need to pick the perfect time for this business, like evening, weekend etc.

#13: SAT TutoringBusiness Ideas for college Students

College student like you can provide SAT tuition services far well than the others. You can get paid by providing this service. First, you will need to collect some books on SAT prep, which will cost not more than $20 or $30. Then put an ad in public place and do some marketing. You will get enough students.

#14: Affiliate MarketingBusiness Ideas for college Students

Affiliate Marketing can generate huge sum of money from just the commission. You will need to have good writing skills and a clear concept in web-marketing, sales copywriting, and pay per click marketing, because in the affiliate marketing you will have to promote the products of others.

#15: SEO JobBusiness Ideas for college Students

If you are an SEO expert, you can do SEO job. All the companies want to see themselves on the top of the search engines. You can help them and make some money.

#16: Become an Online TutorBusiness Ideas for college Students

As you are a college student, you must have skill in academic subjects. You can run a website and start writing premium tutorial posts. You can also write for some other websites who offer money for the tutorials. Thus, you can become an online tutor.

#17: Computer RepairingBusiness Ideas for college Students

Across the USA, every year a huge number of computers need to be repaired. But, the majority of them have not any serious damages; maximum is virus problem, hard drive problem, etc. But, for lacking of clear knowledge on computer, people always love to call others to repair their computer. If you have some basic knowledge on computer, you should be able to do the job, of course not for free.

#18: Late Night Food Service and DeliveryBusiness Ideas for college Students

As I said before, people always love to eat. But, sometimes it is not always easy to get food, especially when it is late night. You can start a service of late night food delivery. Just promote and do some marketing. You can charge more extra sum of money in this service, rather than you could do in the normal food delivery business.

#19: Dog Walking or Pet Care ServiceBusiness Ideas for college Students

This one is really a funny business idea for college students. If you are an animal lover, you can run a dog walking or pet care service with your own.

#20: Transportation ServiceBusiness Ideas for college Students

If your parent bought a car for you or your parent has one and you are smart enough; you can go to rural or suburban school area where students that need transportation. There you can do transport service. They will be benefited and willing to pay you easily for your services.

Know thyself. You must be surprised, thinking that how this quote actually fits in this article. Well, I am explaining.

All the business ideas for college students mentioned above are really useful, but you can’t do all. That is beyond your capability. Think yourself, in which sector you are exactly best at. If you are good at writing, then go for blogging, not about photography. If you are an expert at cooking, then go for food cart business, not about affiliate. Just try to figure out your capability and chose one for making money. These are just some ideas for you, which can help you to take the right decisions.

Let me know which one you are going to choose.

Best of luck, all of the college students.

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