5 Easy Ways to Find LSI Keywords

5 Easy Ways to Find LSI Keywords

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How to Find LSI Keywords

Finding LSI keywords is nothing, just working with your common sense closing your eyes.

Previously, I wrote about what is LSI keywords and 9 SEO benefits of it. Today, I will share with you how I find LSI keywords for my principal keyword phrase.

Do you remember what Latent Semantic Indexing keyword is? If not, I am repeating it. LSI keywords are related or synonymous terms that are used in the content to avoid the frequent use of primary keywords to increase the weight of your content. If you use LSI keywords, Google also thinks, you have deep knowledge over your topic. So, he favors you. He also helps you to get more traffic and ultimately you will get a fast and natural ranking.

Anyway, let’s see how to find LSI keywords for your content to expand the value of your master keywords.

1. Work With Your Common Sense

Let me show how strongly common sense works to find out your LSI keywords. Suppose- your main keyword is “ways to manage gestational diabetes”. Close your eyes and think 5 minutes over this keyword, and try to find out how many ways you can write it. Easily you can discover a few terms that are similar to your main keywords. Such as-

  • Effective ways to control gestational diabetes
  • Ways to manage pregnancy diabetes
  • Some good tips to manage gestational diabetes
  • How to manage gestational diabetes
  • Some easy steps to lower your pregnancy diabetes
  • Useful remedies to manage gestational diabetes

Thus, you can get several languages to express the same meaning of your main keywords. And it is the major duty of LSI terms to express the similar meaning of your primary keywords by using different terms. I generally use my common sense first, then I use various techniques just to match them. I wonder when I see my common sense techniques work same like the others.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a popular tool to find out the best relevant and related Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. It shows you the top ten related and synonymous terms and also shows what keywords are rising fast. Google Trends indicates the regions where your keywords are searched most. So, you will get helped easily to find your LSI keywords and it also helps you to focus on regional base.How to Find LSI Keywords

3. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a good and reliable tool to find out your LSI keywords. You can look for your keywords based on worldwide or regional basis. You will get the volume size of your keywords. It gives the information based on the competition and the trending of search. The most vital thing is: Google Keyword Planner provides lots of related terms and synonyms of your major keywords to boost up your search ranking and visitors.How to Find LSI Keywords

4. Search Engine Techniques

When you type any keywords, you may have seen other related keywords under the search box. Suppose- you type “gestational diabetes” in Google search box. It brings lots of terms related to gestational diabetes. You can choose your most matching terms for your main keywords.How to Find LSI Keywords

Another way is: below the search engine result page (SERP) Google also displays 8-10 terms as “Searches related to gestational diabetes”. From here you can get your LSI keywords. First, I use my common sense tactic, then I opt for search engine methods. These 2 tips help me most to dig out my most similar terms.How to Find LSI Keywords

5. Various Tools or Plugins

There are many kinds of tools and plugins you can apply to find your Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. Some are paid and some are free. By searching Google, you will get a few of tools or plugins. I personally sometimes use Easy WP SEO and SEOPressor.

Lastly, my suggestion is: first use your common sense, then apply Google search techniques. After finishing these two ways, use Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. And if you think you need to go into more insight, you can implement the tools described above to find your LSI keywords. Happy blogging friends.

If you have any different ways on how to find LSI keywords, please share with me by commenting. It will be helpful for others.

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