8 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers

8 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers

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How to Increase Twitter Followers

21st century is the era of social networking. With the appearance of Twitter, social networking has got another name in both entertainment side and the business field. Now social networking is being used in the promotion of business and personal. People are also very interested in getting fame. Twitter has a stronghold on these activities. But, if you want to be victorious in this work, you will have to increase your followers on Twitter. But, that is not a simple task as you are not a celebrity like Messy or Rolando. So, you have to work at building an initial following on Twitter.

How to Increase Twitter Followers: 8 Simple Tasks

Twitter is now one of the biggest social networks for personal or business branding. For that, first you need lots of followers. So, have a look at how to increase Twitter followers by maintaining some daily activities and tips.

1. Link Your Other Previous Social Media Profiles with Twitter

As you are trying to increase your followers, you can’t start with zero. At the very initial stage, you will need some people who have already known you. In that case, your other previous social networking profiles are going to help you. If you link your other previous profiles with Twitter, you can get your known people beside you, who will respond your twit more than a new follower will do.

You can link your Facebook profile with your Twitter by using some apps. These apps will republish your twits on Facebook. With that, your Facebook friends can know, you are operating a Twitter account.

If you want to promote your Twitter profile on Google+, you can share your twits there. Thus, you will get your known people as your initial followers. They will help a lot to promote your profile. Be sure of that.

You can also add your Twitter account to your Skype, email-signature, LinkedIn and others.

2. Offline Promotion

You can also promote your Twitter account outside online. But, how can you do it? Well, when you talk with people, you can talk with them about your Twitter account. You can ask them to follow your Twitter account. You can also include your Twitter link on your business card. When people ask your contact number or home address, you can give them your Twitter profile with your contact number and home address. With that, you can get a good number of followers.

3. Be Active and Twit Regularly

When you will get some initial followers, you will need to make them permanent. But, why will they be permanent followers? The simple answer will be ‘for your twit’.

There are two things you need to remember in this part.

First one is twitting regularly. If you twit occasionally, your followers will find no interest and gradually they will unfollow you. That is why; you must twit regularly.

The 2nd thing is being active on your Twitter account. Only twitting does not mean that you are active on your account. Being active means re-tweeting other’s twit, commenting on relevant news and twits etc. If you will be able to do so, people will have no chances to kick you out of their following list.

So, you must twit regularly and be active on your Twitter account.

4. Topic of Twit

Now the question is, what topic you will twit on ? In that case, you can consider some facts. Let’s see.

  • You can twit on a personal level. Many people are fond of fun and jokes. You can twit on some real life fun and make them laugh. This will give your followers some amusements and make them stick to your profile.
  • Usually, people love to read inspirational quotes on Twitter. You can post the quote. But, from where you can get quotes? OK, you can use some free apps which provide quotes. You can copy them and post it to Twitter. It will also save your time.
  • Both the topic mentioned above is good, but if you twit on something useful rather than something funny, it will help you to influence them more. When you twit on something useful, it will worth sharing and people will share it. For example- you can post “5 tips to get prepared before exam”. People will find that useful, and want to share that. And that’s the thing you want. When people will start sharing your twit more and more, your name will be rolled out more. And you will get more followers.

So, the first two points will keep your followers stayed in your followers list and the last one will increase your followers.

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5. Twit in Peak Time

Timing is very important. If you twit on something, you will need to make sure that people are watching. But, if the enough number of people didn’t be online at the time when you will twit, all your efforts will go in vain. So, you will need to pick a specific time when a good number of people remain online. And you should twit at that time.

For example: in Bangladesh, a lot number of people usually go online after 9:30. You can pick that time to tweet.

6. Ask for the Retweets

When you will have some contents worth sharing and a perfect timing to tweet, what will you need next? You will need to make sure that your tweets are retweeting. But, how? It’s simple enough. You can use your existing followers for that. You can request them for retweeting your tweets. If they will start sharing your twits, your number of followers will boost up by a huge margin.

7. Interact with People

This is the most important part. If you start talking with other users over Twitter, you will get known to more people and you will get more followers. You should also be friendly with them. How can you do that? Just follow some tricks.

  • Twitter users often arrange some group chats on several topics. You can join them. You can chat with them, give your opinion and support their opinion. This will give you a huge opportunity to meet new people, and get many followers.
  • When you get new followers, you can start conversation with him. But, don’t start a conversation with irrelevant topic. It will make a negative impact on him.
  • You can ask questions to start a conversation with people. It will also be helpful in your interaction process.
8. Be Friendly with Others

This is another important part. You will need to show a cordial behavior towards others. You can follow some instructions.

  • You can follow your followers. It will make a positive impression to your followers. Your followers will think, you are not arrogant in nature. You can use free app named Tweepi which scans your follower list and follows them from your account.
  • You can retweet your followers tweet.
  • You should reply to the questions which you are asked by your followers. Don’t ignore that.
  • You should respond to the people who are interested in the same content. When retweet or comment on the same post, the user will notice, you both are in common interest. And he or she will be willing to follow you.

By obeying the above 8 steps, you can make your Twitter follower list bigger day by day. Don’t be impressed in the negative aspects related to Twitter because it can reduce your Twitter personality and followers. Always close to the helpful ideas for the Twitter users. The most important tip is to be regular in your Twitter account to increase your followers.

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