How I write My Blog Post

How I write My Blog Post

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How to write a blog post

Can you imagine a website without any content? You have all the themes, designs and colors in your website, but no content, does it bring any success to you? No, I think. That’s why; to run a website, content or a blog post is a must.

Writing is easy if you know the grammar. But, writing a good blog post that the readers will like is not easy. To write a user friendly article for your blog or website, you will need to maintain lots of things. By searching “how to write a blog post” on Google, you will find bunch of results and suggestions, but I am sure you will get confused with so many suggestions. Are you really feeling confused?

Ok, don’t worry. Writing a blog may not be so tough if you follow the following steps on how to write a blog post.

#1: Planning

This is the most important portion, but you won’t need to do any work with your hand. All you need to do is with your brain. I call this part ‘planning’. Like other works, planning is must before start writing your article. This planning portion may include some following steps. Have a look:

  • Selecting the topic
  • Getting the proper ideas of the topic
  • Targeting your audiences

Let’s dive into the depth-

Selecting the topic

All the contents, posts or blogs should be on some specific topics. That is what you have to select first. Your post will be read by your readers, only if it will be worth of reading. And that depends on your topic. You have to pick a useful concept which can ensure, your post is going to help your readers. But, you don’t worry much about your topic. Just pick a useful and interesting one, which can make sure that your readers are not getting bored.

Getting the proper idea of the topic

When you have a proper topic in your head, then you should think more and more about that subject. You need to gather 100% concepts of that topic. Do not write if you know nothing well. You can do some research works. You can read other’s articles. For that, Google will be at your service.

Targeting your audiences

Now you have a subject and a full idea of that. After this, you have to know your audiences or readers. Suppose your keyword is “How to Increase Your Business Profit” but you are targeting the service holders, which will not work. You have to first specify your audiences and then know about them. You must understand your audiences. You should know what will be useful for your audiences, what do they want from your articles or what are making them interested. Your post should be based on those ideas.

#2: Writing

Working with your brain is over. Now it’s the time to move your hand and start storming over the keyboard; that means start writing.

Usually, content should have an introduction first. But, personally I think your introduction will be far better, if you write it after finishing your content. So, I recommend you to first start writing the core part of your article. Now you have to remember few things while writing your article. That is given:

Make the blog skimable

When you read a book, you read from first to last. But, when you read online, do you read word by word? Not actually, people usually skim rather than read, when they are online. So, in your article, you should not expect, that will be read thoroughly. So, you can highlight some important words of the article to snatch the focus of your readers. You can make them italic, bold or change the color to make them highlighted.

Adding images

You can add images to your blog post. Images can get more attraction of your visitors very easily. But, remember one thing; you should not post irrelevant images. Just post something that is related to your post.

Writing relevant words

Don’t stretch your post by writing irrelevant words. If you do so, you will lose the attention of your readers. Make sure that each every word you writing are worth of reading.

Include keywords

Smoothly include your keyword in your content. That will help you to upgrade the rank of your page.

Lengthy post

The post length actually depends on the topics. But, stats say the lengthy post have gained more success rather than the shorter one.

Add LSI keywords

Avoid repeating the same words. Try to use synonyms instead of repeating any words.

Use good English

Be aware about your grammar. Punctuation and capitalization also should get concern. Use always readable or easy language that everyone can understand easily.


Last one is timing. You should pick the peak time to post your article. Actually, when you will get the maximum visitor available, you should grab that time.

That’s all about your core blog post.

#3: Introduction

After finishing your core article, you can focus on the most crucial part. And that is introduction. Though you can write it at the end, but have to put it at the top of your post.

‘’Impress at the first meet’’ that’s the sentence goes well with this part. Try to grab the attention through your introduction. Whether your reader will read your content or not, that mostly depends on your introduction. You will express the importance of your topic at the introduction. You should explain why your readers are going to read your blog post. Explain the usefulness; why this article is so important for them.

The main fact is you need to gain the attention of your readers in this part.

#4: Conclusion

At last you can conclude your article. Of course, this part should be given at the end of your article. Your conclusion should be brief. You can put your personal recommendation there. Or you can ask for the feedback from your readers.

#5: Editing and Quality Enhancing

When you have done all your writing, you should read your article more and more. That will help to edit your content. You will be able to find grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

When you will go through your post more and more, you will also able to enhance its quality. Lots of new idea will come to your mind. You can change any sentence and write the better one.

After doing this part, your article is all set to get published.

That’s all about how to write a blog post and I personally follow them to write my blog. During writing a blog post, don’t forget, “Content is king”. A blog post basically serves the main meals to the readers. And, the rest ones depend on the SEO or search engine optimization. So, put more importance on the need or necessity of readers, what they actually want to see in your article or blog. Just follow the above rules, hope now you can write a nice blog post for your audiences.


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