Some Truths You Don’t Know About Title Tag

Some Truths You Don’t Know About Title Tag

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how to write title tag

Title tag is an important part of the Google ranking factors. It is also a vital SEO point for a page’s post or content. Title tag is usually a part of meta tags that is used in HTML function of a page. It lies in “Head” section of HTML. Title tag is the first impression for a searcher to click on the link. If the title tag cannot clarify what the content is, the searcher returns. Again, your title tag must be short, and keep the main keyword to make the searcher and the search engines clear about your pages.

My Experience About Title Tag

I started my online profession with blogging. I took a training from a leading IT company of our country. Anyway, training cannot give you full knowledge, it is just a guideline. If I tell you clearly, training cannot provide you with practical knowledge unless you start working with first hands. So, when I began blogging, I noticed that I would be confused with many vital points.

Especially, title and title tag of a content tickled me much. Anyway, let’s see the difference between a title and a title tag of a page.

Title Vs Title Tag

Title of a Content

A title of a content is just like a title of a book or movie or a novel. Title has to be short, relevant, and take the main keyword. But, you can write it as appealing as you want by considering these things. While writing a title, you should remember some factors. The title should be attractive with the main keyword so that the visitors can be interested to read your content. Title is shown on the above of a content or page. Learn in detail:

How to Write a Good Title for a Content

Title Tag

Sometimes, it is called HTML title tag or SEO title tag. It is understood from these two terms that title tag actually stands for the optimization of your content’s title. Again, you have to set up your page’s title tag into HTML code. Title tag is shown in SERP by search engines. The code is like:

<title>Example Title</title>

See the following examples:

Keyword: Earn Money through Google Adsense

Title: How to Earn Money through Google Adsensehow to write title tag

Title Tag: 3 Ways to Earn Money through Google Adsense – wikiHowhow to write title tag

Many publishers also like to keep title and title tag same before the brand name. Hope, now you are clear about title and title tag of a page. Let’s turn our views to other important logic about title tag.

How Google Thinks About Title Tag

Many marketers think it is not essential for Google ranking algorithm. But, still it is one of the most important factors to rank a page. Google puts more importance of accomplishing a good title tag as it increases the SEO value of a page and helps a lot to rank your pages. SEO Moz researched search engine ranking factors. There they said that title tag is one of the most important ones among them. So, how you can neglect it.

How Searchers Take Actions Over Title Tag

Your main target is to persuade the searchers to your pages. And, a searcher decides to go to your page when he finds your page has a title tag that is relevant to the terms he searched. When the visitors see there is no relation between the searched terms and title tag, they may not push on your links. Again, after going to your pages if the searchers see that the relevance between the title tag and the page is very poor, they also may go back. The title tag is the first and most important clue to motivate a visitor to your pages. So, in the views of a searcher, there are two important things to captivate a searcher to stay on your pages. One- the relevance between the searched terms and title tag. Second- the relevance between the title tag and the content. If any discrimination is seen, the visitors must come back.

Take 3 Core Advantages from a Title Tag

I think, already you have got why you should craft a SEO oriented title tag. Nevertheless, I am showing you 3 particular facilities you can get from it.

1. Help Rank Your Page

SEO Moz analyzed, there are about 80 factors that are important to rank a site in Google. A SEO friendly title tag is #4 among the 80s factors. When search engine’s robot searches a page, the robot first detects the title tag according to the searched terms and then analyze the relevance between the title tag, keywords, title and content. If the robot finds a good relevance is alive, it shows the content in the SERP.

2. Boost up Your CTR

A good SEO friendly title tag plays an essential role to enhance the Click Through Rate (CTR). Google or other search engines show the snippets in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). A SERP has 3 parts. First- title tag, second- page link/URL and third is meta description. See the following image, then it will be to write title tag

As the searchers first see the title tag, after seeing it they look for the relevance between their searched terms and it. If they find a good relevance, then they turn to the meta description and again look for the relevance between their searched terms and meta description. If they get the topic that they are searching in the title tag and meta description, they decide to click on your links. If they do not get the keywords in the title tag, they do not look at the meta description. So, at the very first step, they decide to skip your links. Oh!!! I forgot to tell you one thing. It is, CTR, a good behavior of rank factors for your site. So, CTR also helps your site to rank.

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3. Good for SEO

Did you notice I used “SEO friendly title tag” a few times? Actually, title tag means to increase the SEO optimization for a title, but it is not a title. A title tag should have the important keywords of your contents. It must be relevant to the page’s content and finally your brand name can be added to it. These 3 things actually increase your onpage SEO optimization in a huge extent.

Anyway, you have already got many important knowledge on a title tag. Now, it is time to see

How to Optimize a Title Tag

Writing a SEO friendly title tag in HTML codes is not at all difficult. It is indeed very easy. Just give your attention to the following steps:

1. Length

Early Google counted the title tag up to 70 characters and showed it in SERP by 16 px of Proportional Arial Font. Next, he extended it from 16 px to 18 px. The increasing of font size ultimately decreased it to 50-60 characters. So, now you have to write your title tag under 60 characters. I always write 50-character title tag.

2. Keyword

Keep the important keywords in tittle tag. I recommend you not to use more than 3 keywords in a title tag. Using 2 keywords is best. Write the keywords based on the importance. That means write the most important keyword first, write the more important keyword second, then write important keyword and last write your brand name. An example:

Title Tag: Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

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3. Relevance

Though title tag is a part of HTML meta tags, it describes the page’s content in brief. It shortly tells the searchers what you searched is available here. That means a title tag tells about a content or page.

4. Keep the Brand Name

Better idea to write your brand’s name in the title tag. You can keep your brand name in the first or last of the title tag. How would be your title tag format it depends on your brand popularity. If your brand is just a start up, you should follow this format:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

The logic behind this, now your brand is not popular enough to click on the links just seeing your brand name. Here is important enough the relevance between the searched terms and title tag. If the keywords wrote in the first, the searchers think it to be more positive.

When your brand name is popular enough to click on the links as soon as seeing, you can use your brand name in the first. In this case the format is:

Brand Name | Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword

Actually, the brand name or main keyword which one comes first depends on the audiences. What they want to see first, keep it first.

5. Put Title Tag in HTML

Already I have said, you have to set the title tag in HTML section. The code format of a title tag in HTML will be:

<title>write your title here</title>

If you cannot set it in HTML codes, you should get help from others. You can also use SEO Yoast to write your title tag if your Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress. It saves your much time and hassles free. I also use this plugin for setting my onpage SEO options because it saves my time a lot. It looks like the following image.

6. Write Unique Title Tag

You should create unique title tag for each content or page. If a single title tag is created for a number of pages or posts, they may be conflicted with each other. This manipulation is considered as a spam by the Google or other search engines.

7. Don’t Use Stop Words

A title tag should be short, simple, sweet and keyword based. Don’t use any stop words or other characters that can make your title tag like a sentence. Some stop words are- and, to, but, then, so, if etc. Yet, you can use stop words if you need to make your title tag more rhythmic and readable.

8. Don’t Make Title Tag Keyword Stuffed

Please, don’t make your title tag keyword stuffed. Keyword stuffing means write all the keywords in your title tag. For an example- your secondary keywords are dark lips lipsticks, dark lips cream, dark lips gloss, dark lips color, dark lips balm and main keyword is dark lips products.

Bad Title Tag: Dark Lips Products – Dark Lips Lipsticks – Dark Lips Cream – Dark Lips Gloss – Dark Lips Color – Dark Lips Balm | Dark Lips.Com (brand name)

Good/SEO Title Tag: Dark Lips Products – All Lip Cosmetics | Dark Lips.Com

The second one will be clickable, searcher friendly, short and give full ideas about a page or content.

Some More Things You Should Know

While telling you how to write or craft a title tag in HTML functions for optimizing onpage SEO, I forgot to describe some other important points. These are as follows:

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Social Channels Display Title Tag

If you share your pages in the social media networks, they display the title tag, link and meta description of those pages. The users of social media channels click on the URL if they find the important terms for them in the title tag and meta description. So, to get more traffics from social sharing sites, you have to write also a good user-friendly title tag.

Google Often Rewrite Your Title Tag

If you write your title tag more than 60 characters, Google does not show the extra parts in the SERP. It display up to 60 characters and then it shows ellipsis (“……”) instead of the excessive parts. The ellipsis is not good for a page. It cannot clarify the searchers about the page’s posts. In this case, sometimes Google automatically generates a short, and relevant title tag from your content by using the meta description, title, keywords, domain name and other important facts as he likes.

Title Tag Also Valuable for 3 Reasons

In the above, I described 3 main advantages of using a good title tag. Now, I show you more 3 important reasons why title tag is so important while publishing a page.

Web Browsers

When a searcher visits your site and goes to any content or page, he can see its title tag also on the top of browsers whatever the browser is. So, the relevance between the title tag and the browser option should be similar. If the visitor notices a difference, he may be confused.


Google or other search engines also display the title tag in the SERP. And, the searcher decides to go into your pages after immediately seeing the title tag. If they see the title tag is similar to their searched terms and reflect their queries, they become interested to visit your pages. Otherwise, they go back.

Social Sharing Sites

Social sharing sites also show 3 parts (title tag, link and meta description) of your content when you share it. When the users of social media see the words or terms that they want are still having in the title tag, they will be eager to read your pages or posts.

So, it is a big challenge for you to craft a right SEO friendly title tag in HTML function of your each content or page. Besides, a title tag is also important in bookmarking a page. When you bookmark any page, you can see the title tag of that page on the bookmark tool bar.

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In these cases, if your title tag is between 50-60 characters, Google shows your title tag in full length. If the length is more than this character, he truncates the excessive parts. So, the big challenge to write a short, compelling, keyword rich and visitor friendly title tag is really a tough work. But, now it is very easy for you as you have already gone through all the techniques for setting a SEO title tag in HTML for a page or content.

What If Length Is More Than 60 Characters?

If you create a title tag more than 60 characters, Google truncates the extra characters, but it counts the keywords in the extra characters and also considers them for ranking or showing your pages in SERP. So, in the view of Google, there is no problem for making a lengthy title tag. But, in the view of searchers, it has a great problem to write a lengthy title tag. The main and foremost problem is it decreases the click through rate in a huge amount. Searcher visits the pages or contents that can clarify them about the topic of the contents for what they searched. When you write a long title tag, it cannot give a clear concept to the searchers. So, they may go back. Therefore, we ask you to focus on the searchers queries and attention, and how they visit your pages or contents. See the examples:

Lengthy Title Tag: Backpacks – Red Backpacks – Blue Backpacks ……..

60-Character Title Tag: All Color Backpacks | Back Pack Shop (Brand Name)how to craft a good title tag

Now guys, hope, you have gathered a complete knowledge on how to write a SEO title tag in your page’s HTML codes. Don’t try yourself to write title tag in HTML if you have not coding knowledge because a slight mistake can cause tons of losses. Better idea to use plugin for optimizing onpage SEO. Wishing to go ahead with a rocket-speed visitors.

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