How to Write an Effective Meta Description

How to Write an Effective Meta Description

Meta description is a tremendous reason to increase your CTR (click through rate) in a larger amount along with a good title tag. Google takes into account the behavior of the visitors to rank a site. And, CTR is a major behavior of searchers. So, a user friendly meta description indirectly helps you to rank your site.

Today, I will share you what is meta description, how to write it, how it helps you to acquire thousands of traffics, how Google considers it and other relevant eligibility of meta description.

What Is Meta Description?

Meta description is a brief snippet of a page. Google or other search engines show it in the search engine result pages (SERPs). The SERP has 3 parts. Such as- title, URL and meta description. When the searcher’s terms or keywords match the meta description, the search engine makes the matching words “bold”. This “bold words” are the keywords or searching terms of the searchers that they want. The bold or matching words ensure the searchers that, what you are looking for is here. So, the searchers click the links. Thus, it increases click through rate (CTR). If there are no matching or bold words or the searchers cannot be ensured about the page, they return. So, you lose tons of visitors or traffics. Moreover, the meta description should be appealing, so that the searchers click on your URL.Meta description

Google’s Thoughts over Meta Description

Google uses meta description to give the search results and display a snippet in the SERP when the searchers use the advanced search option. If they use normal web search, Google does not count the meta description.

Google gave an update in 2007. There he said meta description is not essential for search engine algorithm ranking. He again updated in September, 2009 that meta description and meta keywords are not major factors in the search engine algorithm to rank your site. What the hell Google says two times. Many online publishers got astonished to hear those updates. But, Google ensures that, though we do not consider the meta description directly to rank your site, indirectly it plays a vital role to rank your site. See the logic:

  • Google does not count meta description to rank a page.
  • It considers searcher or visitor’s behavior to rank a page.
  • Meta description plays the main role to increase CTR and CTR is a searcher’s important behavior.
  • So, indirectly meta description is essential to rank a page.

    Meta description
    Meta description indirectly helps to rank your site.

Now, it is clear that meta description should not be neglected. It is also a must to rank your page. Therefore, you have to master the art of writing a solid meta description tag.

Now, bosses, be ready to learn how to write a compelling and clickable meta description.

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How to Write a Meta Description Perfectly

Before starting to read, remember that meta description must be short, but compelling, relevant and informative. Though it is a brief piece of texts, it serves 3 important points at a time. Such as-

  • It summarizes the pages, posts or contents.
  • It contains the keyword.
  • It lastly persuades the searchers to enter into the main page.

So, friends it is not easy to write a captivating meta description that motivates the visitors to click on the URL. Oh…..No!! It is really easy to craft a clickable meta description. See the following steps.

1. Relevant

Meta description is a short explanation of a web page. It should reflect the information you have already described in the page. Don’t put the meta description only with keyword stuffing. It turns the visitors to your page. But, when they see, there is no any relevancy between the page and meta description, they will be shocked and finally return. Guess, how sorrowful it will be for you. You are already at the risk of losing thousands of visitors. This is a relevant meta description example- “Meta description is a concise snippet of a page shown in SERP. It is more vital to increase CTR. So, learn how to write a meta description effectively”.

2. Unique

Write unique meta description for each page or post. Search engines like it much. You will get lots of tools or plugins on the web to create an automatic meta description based on the post or content. But, always the use of plugin is not good. I always write with raw hands to create every and each meta description unique.

3. Keep Your Keyword

Better search results you will get if you put your keyword in the first 3 words of your meta description. Don’t use synonyms, LSI or keyword stuffing. That means, you must put just the principal keyword. Keyword stuffing cannot give the clear concept of the page to the searchers or visitors and Google thinks it to be a spam. So, you may be penalized if you use keyword stuffing in it.

4. Length

Normally, search engines truncate if it is more than 160 characters. Wise if you keep your meta description under 150 characters, but not less than 140 characters. I always write 150-characters. Keep in mind that within just 160 characters, you have to write a click-approach meta description so that the searchers will be attracted to surf your posts.

5. Don’t Use Some Characters

It is better not to write quotation marks, and non-alphanumeric symbols because these characters are not considered good SEO signs. Some characters or symbols are- plus (+), ampersand (&), vertical bar (|), and underscore (_).

6. Write Readable & Rhythmic Meta Description

Suppose, your keyword is “Dhaka Hotels”. It does not sound good. So, you can write it as “Hotels in Dhaka”. This one will be more readable and good sounding while reading. To make your meta description readable, you can use preposition, suffix, prefix etc.

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7. Use the Code Rightly

You have to use it perfectly in the “meta HTML tag” so that the search engines or Google can find out your meta description easily. Code sample is:

<meta name=”description” content=”This is an example of a meta description. This will often show up in search results.”>

If you cannot set it yourself, better to ask for help. If you use WordPress theme, you can use various plugins to put meta description code in the right way. SEO by Yoast is a good SEO plugin for WordPress. I also use it for my WordPress site’s SEO. Other CMS (Content Management System) like Drupal, Joomla etc. “Metatag module” in Drupal adds it automatically.

Hey guys, already you have known how to write a good meta description for getting more and more visitors. This is not enough. You have to know more fundamentals about it. Let me explain them serially. Hope, you will be benefited.

Why Meta Description Is Important

By this time you have gathered some knowledge about the benefits of the meta description. Now, see the specific details:

1. Increase CTR

An effective meta description is the last chance to click on the link. After seeing the snippet, the visitor takes the decision whether he reads your post or not. So, write an impressive sales copy that will convince the searchers to go through your pages. If the meta description is not persuasive, they don’t click on the content’s URL. Thus, you will be disappointed by losing tons of visitors.

2. Good for SEO

A sales pitch type of meta description is good for overall SEO. Though Google rank algorithm does not take the meta description into consideration while ranking your site, he considers the CTR to be a searcher’s behavior. As click through rate is directly related to meta description and it increases CTR, so Google or other search engine thinks it to be a good SEO for your page.

3. Last Hope

It is the last chance to click on the link because the visitors or searchers first see the meta description or snippet in the SERP and then they decide whether they visit your page or not. So, if the meta description is not appealing, the visitors must go back.

4. Social Networks Use Meta Description

When you share any link on Facebook or any other social network channels, they display the featured image and meta description by deriving from the page. If you don’t use the meta description, the social channels pull out some texts from the first part of the content. These texts may not be good for the audiences or visitors. If it happens, they don’t click on the link. So, you will lose more traffics. Some social bookmarking sites also use meta description and featured image like My SEO Community, BizSugar, Digg, etc.

Sometimes Avoiding Meta Description Wise

It is not like that you always write it. When you focus between one and three weighted keywords, it will be far better to use a meta description. It helps you to get more clicks or visitors. When you target long tail keyword phrase, will be better not to put meta description. Let the search engine take some texts from your pages automatically. Joyful matter is in this case search engine scrapes the text from the posts that are similar or relevant to the long tail phrases to display in SERP. In this situation, if you use the meta description, it may not be descriptive or relevant. So, better to allow search engines to show meta description by itself.

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You should also remember that in automatic process the meta description may be overruled. So, webmaster always does not believe in search engine to take more relevant snippets from the post. Think then what you will do? Think more times how to push your long tail keyword more relevantly in the meta description. I personally use meta description in the long tail keyword phrase, but have to work more times for writing well.

What If Not Use Meta Description

Traditionally, we all rely on using a clickable meta description. But, many leading SEO blog sites still do not use it for their posts. Sometimes they use, sometimes they avoid. See some examples: SEO Book does not write it for their home page and blog posts, they only create meta description for their some internal pages. SEO Moz uses it for their product pages and home pages, does not add to the blog pages/contents. Search Engine Journal produces meta description for the home page, but not for blog posts. Actually, these websites do not create it because they are reliable and trusted enough to the visitors in rending solid information. And most of the visitors of them are permanent and old.

Whatever the events for the famous blogs, as a newbie you have to write the meta description for making your onpage SEO strong. If you don’t write it, Google scrapes some lines from your post that may not be impressive for the visitors to click on the links. So, you are on the wane to the losing lots of traffics. But, When you will be able to build up a brand image, it is not mandatory to produce meta description for each page because now your site is trusted, true and credible to the thousands of visitors. They believe in your content’s quality.

Google Creates Meta Description Though You Have

I notice sometimes Google creates an automatic meta description although I have a fine written meta description for my page. It is happened in the case: Suppose, your keyword is “100+ best branded red backpacks”. Already, you have a nice meta description over this keyword. But, the searchers search “best branded red backpacks in India”. When you wrote your meta description, you did not include India in your meta description, but you have written some Indian best backpacks in your content. If the searchers do not find India in your meta description, they may not push your link. So, Google creates an automatic meta description by taking “the word India” from your content. It convinces the searchers that you have come right place and will get best Indian red backpacks.

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In conclusion, use a wise meta description until your blog or site will be popular. Then, it is your decision whether you write it or not. At the beginning, an effective meta description helps you drastically to get tons of visitors from the SERPs and social sites that eventually helps to rank your website. So, get the extra advantages from a SEO friendly meta description tag.

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