8 Reasons to Start a Small Business

8 Reasons to Start a Small Business

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Reasons to Start a Small Business

I am here not to convince you to set up your own business, but share the facts why one should set up his/her own business (small size).

Do you know, each year, almost 600,000 new businesses are emerged? The number is big, right? Why such numbers of businesses are being founded every year, while there are a way of low risks in doing job for others? There must be some valid reasons behind this. This article is all about the reasons to start a small business.

Reasons to Start a Small Business- I Found 8 Strong Reasons

This article will help you to dig out the reasons why a person should begin a small business along side his/her main occupation, or if he/she wants, she can grow his small business next to big. But, for that, he has to invest lots of time, labor, intelligence and money.

Small business does not mean it is your optional task, but the starting can be your optional. When you foster it, it will be started to grow older. And older means your business is matured.

And, this is the main target of starting a small business. Think about Mark Zuckerburg. What he was before launching Facebook, and now what has he become?

Anyway guys, today I will mainly show you some reasons for that you can set up your own small business, whether it is online base (affiliate, blogging, copy writing, web design etc), or other offline business, like poultry farm, fast food shop, restaurant, fashion house or showroom, etc.

Well, let me tell the reasons to start a small business.

#1: Creating Your Own Employment

Man always struggles to create own asset. He likes to tell it is “my own”. Maybe he fights across his life for creating the value of own-self.

And I think this is the first reason to start a small business that ultimately will help you to foster your own value and that brings also social, and economical value for you.

If you are a job holder, you have to work for others. But, if you set up your own business, you can create your own employment. That should be the key reason to start a small business. Working for own is far better than working for others. Yes, there are low risks in doing jobs for others, but there will be more prestige if work for your own. You will not have to seek jobs at least.

#2: Income Potential

We have to suffer lot to keep pace with the current price hike, maybe it is the most pressure for all to find the second income partner. In this case, if you are a job holder, or a lawyer or other professional, you can easily manage a small business that helps you to manage your extra dreams, hopes and expectations.

If you work for a company, you get a limited amount of salaries. Yes, you can be promoted, and your salary will be higher. But, how much income can you earn even after your promotion? Definitely, there will be a limitation.  But if you run your own business, there will be no limitation on your income. Perhaps, at the initial stage you will not able to earn a lot. But, if you do better, do the right thing what is best for your business, you will surely be succeeded.

#3: Chance to Make Your Dream Come True

Everyone has the dream of becoming a big shot one day. But, working for other will not never let you able to that. With the fixed income, and a controlled destiny, how far can you go? You will always be circling in a small boundary. You can break your boundary by setting up your own business. When you will be on your own, no one can restrict you from doing anything. Just think big, you will get bigger.

#4: Being Your Own Boss

You will not have to work under anyone’s instruction. You will not have to follow someone’s order. You are the boss, if you set up your business. You can control your company, rather than be in control of others. You will give orders, and people will follow them. You can take any decisions regarding your business. Let’s face it, you always love to take control.

#5: Job Security

When you are working in your own business, there are no chances to get fired or downsized from the job. You will not have to worry about your job. Your job is secure here, which you cannot even think if you work for other.

#6: Creating Jobs for Other

The world’s current economy is running on recession. A huge number of workers get jobless every day. You can do them some small favors, if you own your small business. You can create employment for some people. They will be benefited, in fact, our economy will be benefited.

#7: Chance to Choose People You Want to Work with

You will not get the chances to select your co-worker if you work for other’s company. Despite not liking them much, you will have to work with them.  But, if you are the boss of your own business, you can take decisions whom to hire or whom to fire. In short, you can choose your co-workers by your own.

#8: Dignity

There is no such level of dignity in any work, then creating something by owner. When you build something successful, it’s a great feeling. You had a vision, were able to execute it and not can reap the benefits of saying “I did this.” On the other hand, it’s tough to be proud of the zillionth request for proposal you fill out for your employer. You can tell your next generation, how you built your business, how did you work. I assure, you will feel proud.

You may be criticized, you may be heard of not taking risks in building your own small business. Perhaps, you will be convinced to take job in other company. But, you are the one who should take decisions, what is right, and what should be done. Just be yourself, think yourself, and listen to only yourself. I think, you will take the right decision.

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