Still Keyword Density Matters To Boost SEO

Still Keyword Density Matters To Boost SEO

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Keyword Density

Ideal keyword density can play a vital role to uplift your content though the use of keyword density varies from marketers to marketers.

The newbies think, the use of keyword density is a rocket science. They put more importance on the percentage of keyword density. They are confined to the limitation of keyword density percentage like 1%, 2% or 3%. When they become experienced or professional, they are able to realize that actually keyword density is just a rubbish although it is potent for a content, blog post, article or a web page text. Gradually, they also understand that there is no any percentage of keyword density. The optimal keyword density is  natural flow of keywords. They learn that LSI keywords are very powerful to make their content SEO or search engine rank friendly. That means-

Still ideal keyword density is more important for a content. Natural keyword density enhances the value and beauty of a content. It also helps to boost up your onpage SEO that eventually helps to rank your page.


What Is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the percentage of the total number of times a keyword used in a text divided by the total words of that text. For an example: if your content has 100 words and if you use your keyword 5 times, then the percentage of keyword density would be 5%.

History of Keyword Density

1990 was the early stage of search engines. In that time, keyword density was considered as the direct factor for ranking a page. This concept became spread rapidly across the webmasters as soon as they discovered this idea. In the course of time, search engines began to give more importance to other factors that are beyond of webmaster’s maintenance to rank a site. So, keyword density had been a minor or indirect factor. At present, the excessive use of keyword is considered as keyword stuffing, for that search engines like Google can penalize the webmasters or internet marketers.

2 Big SEO Benefits of Optimal Keyword Density

Good keyword density can bring some advantages for your page. On the other hand, bad or keyword stuffing can harm your page. Better idea to look at the benefits you can receive from optimal keyword density. See the following benefits:

  1. Keyword density is a part of onpage SEO. The search engines determine the relevance between the page and keyword by the keyword density.
  2. The natural or ideal use of keyword gives the search engine bots a clear concept, your article is in the right way and can be ranked easily for this keyword. (Though many think this day is now gone. Keyword density is a less important SEO strategy. They say, nowadays rank depends on more the quality of a site and site authority.) Don’t listen rumor because you need to do everything to increase your SEO aspect as a professional online publisher. A good combination of doing all SEOs can only ensure your success.
How to Craft Optimal Keyword Density

Many online publishers think that to keep keyword density between 1-3% is considered as ideal percentage. To use more than this amount is a search spam. The formula to calculate keyword density: (total number of times of a keyword total words of a content) × 100. Avoid the keyword counting that are not shown in the main body text like HTML tags and other embedded tags.

The formula to calculate keyword density of a keyword phrase: (total number of words of a keyword phrase × total number of times of a keyword/total number of words of a text) × 100.

Whatever the calculation, no internet marketer or online publisher cannot deny the frequency of a particular keyword. But, the frequency of a keyword should be natural, not be forceful.

Traditional Techniques of Keyword Density

In the past, many marketers obey the fast and hard rules of pushing keywords in the content or article. See this formula:

  • Put keyword in permalink
  • H1 tag
  • H2 tag
  • Title tag
  • Beginning of the text or content
  • End of the text
  • Highlighted, bold, italic keywords
  • Use keyword in relevant image
  • Use LSI keyword technique

The scenario is now changed. The idea of this formula to add keyword to the text is now gone into garbage.

The leading bloggers suggest that all these techniques are not mandatory to increase your keyword density. Just follow the one and only method “naturalism”. The amount/time of keyword that come from natural writing is best keyword density. Now visitors do not like to see keyword stuffed, they like readable and well-written article that are also great to hear.

What Google Says About Keyword Density?

Google says that there is no any optimal or good keyword density practice. The idea of using keyword density between 1 to 3% is just a confused vogue. You have to write natural content or article. Whatever the keyword density in natural writing, is exact keyword density. Matt Cutts Says that if you do over use of your keyword, Google considers it to be a low quality content and SEO spam. Rather, put the keyword in such a way that looks natural, but not keyword stuffing. Check out the Matt Cutts’s video.

You can use LSI formula to beautify your keyword usage. It is a good SEO technique to empower your keyword. See:

How LSI Keywords Help To Get Double Visitors

Keyword Density Calculators/Tools

You can use various good SEO plugins or tools to boost up your keyword behavior. I use EasyWPSEO plugin to fix up my LSI keywords. You can also use various free WordPress plugins for your keyword density analysis.

Last of all, don’t be confused. Just write natural article. Just be careful about the frequent use of your keywords. Take the LSI keywords into consideration to improve your content. And, that’s all enough to make your keyword density accurate for SEO and search engines ranking.

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