Do you want to start your career as a blogger? Do you like the lifestyle of the Bloggers? Then you should get motivated by the best bloggers of the world. You should observe their lifestyle and how they started their blogging.

Here I will describe top 10 bloggers in the world who are really very famous on the internet world for their respective achievements and helping the other bloggers.

Perhaps, you may get your ways of success from their blogging life. No more wait friends, just enjoy.

Gary-Vaynerchuk1. Gary Vaynerchuk (

Gary Vaynerchuk is a very fascinating and motivational blogger from New York. He became celebrated as a blogger for his powerful attitude how to build business through blogging. His blog is related to everything about wine. He built a huge business of wine based on his video blogging. He earns $3 million dollars per year from his retail wine stores and $60 million dollars from his wholesale dealings.


rand-fishkin2. Rand Fishkin (

No doubt, Rand Fishkin is considered the best and biggest internet marketing blogger in the globe. He is a college dropout and began his blog about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2004. Then he did some small jobs for various clients. Gradually, he added a different number of usable resources of SEO to his blog and launched different SEO software. earns millions of dollars every month from these tools, plugins and software.


pat-flyen3. Pat Flynn (

Pat Flynn is also one of the most popular and top bloggers. He started “” after giving up his job. He mainly discussed online money making topics in his bog. He also shows his progress via this blog. Thus, he created a big readership and lots of followers for the honest showing of his progress of every month. Especially, millions of people across the world get motivated by seeing his online earning display. He earned last 6 months about $50,000 dollars per month.


Darren-Rowse4. Darren Rowse (

Darren Rowse launched his blog as a hobby. He blogged about photography and the Olympics. Gradually, he started where he helped the other bloggers. Now he is a full time blogger and living from his blog. He earns mainly from e-book selling, Adsense, affiliate marketing and various advertising programs. I personally like him much. His name was listed in Forbes magazine as an Internet celebrity in 2007.


Brian-Clark5. Brian Clark (

Brian Clark launched in 2006. He shared the resources for the bloggers about copywriting, content writing, SEO and all techniques about blogging. He built 100,000 subscribers as a loyal leadership. Next, he started Copyblogger Media that mainly works with the software, like StudioPress, Premise, Synthesis, and Scribe. His readers love him, thus he could be able to be a multi-million blogger in the globe.


tim-ferriss6. Tim Ferriss (

Tim Ferriss has created a vast amount of online readers through his great blog posts and he is considered as a self- announced life hacker. He wrote “4 Hour Work Week” that became the best-seller. He also wrote two other best-selling books. He is more well-known for his ideas of “lifestyle design” and “internet lifestyle”. He focuses the works in front of the laptops from anywhere in the world.


andrew-sullivan7. Andrew Sullivan (

Andrew Sullivan began in 2000. His blog got 300,000 unique visitors a month in the middle of 2003. Then, he thought to give full time for this site to give up his other jobs. In 2013 he earned $330,000 dollars.


Harvey-Levin8. Harvey Levin (

Harvey Levin is a celebrity reporter, legal analyst, American lawyer and now over all he is mostly known as one of the biggest bloggers in the world. His blog is related to the gossip of celebrities. You may see him in various celebrity programs on FOX, CNN or other TV channels.



Timothy-Sykes9. Timothy Sykes (

Timothy Sykes began his blogging to show how he earned over $1 million dollars from $12,000 of his Bar-Mitzvah. He achieved his online reputation by the Penny Stock trading. His blog has thousands of readers that led him to start another new company, that teaches the traders. You may watch him on various TV programs on CNBC, FOX, CNN, and ABC on the stock market.


Michael-Arrington10. Michael Arrington (

Michael Arrington is one of the most motivational and top bloggers in the world in the field of technology. is all about tech where he fills up the news and information about the persons, entrepreneurs, businessmen, bloggers or companies that are relevant to technology. May be it is the biggest blog on the tech industry. He achieved AOL $30 million dollars. Still, he is much active to his blog.

Hope, as an upcoming blogger, you can be helped much by the reading of their blogs as like a lot of bloggers get helped by them.

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  1. Wow, the achievement of Timothy Sykes is truly awesome, I never thought that $1 million can be done in a very short time with one blog, but it seems that I was wrong.
    Not to mention Michael Arrington which become the most successful blogger of all time.

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