Top 10 Free Blog Sites – Obviously Best Platforms

Top 10 Free Blog Sites – Obviously Best Platforms

Grab extra streams of visitors to your mother sites by accomplishing your SEO with the best free blog platforms. Here are top 10 free blog sites for that.

The best free blog platforms are hugely used by the marketers to promote their pages. They mainly use the free blogs for the web 2.0 marketing. And web 2.0 sites are one of the best strategies for the marketers to drive streams of traffic to their mother site.

In addition to, many amateur people use the free blog sites to display their hobbies and leisure activities that bring them to the general people creating a good relation.

Free blog sites are now also great ways of publishing individual daily functionalities to show their relatives, friends and public. Thus, the users of blogs get extra credits, praise and sometimes they become the big guns.

Today, I have come with top 10 free blog sites for you. By using these free best blog sites, you can easily build up a good site on your hobbies, profession, business, products or any other thing you like to bring into the spotlight. Ok, now let’s have a look at them:



I think, now WordPress is the biggest free blog platform because of having super flexibilities and customization. Whatever your profession, you can display your items via It has hundreds of free themes that will help you to create a unique blog. You can upgrade it into pro and choose a domain name.



Blogger is possibly the most used and best free blog site. Millions of people across the world use to publish their hobbies online. It is operated by Google. To run, you have a Google account. After login, you can easily create your blog site. Here are lots of gorgeous themes that you can use. Customization options are easy to design as yourself.



Tumblr is surely a top platform out of the 10 best free blog sites. It gives you options to display music, videos, and images easily. You can showcase your posts in a creative ways in Tumblr profile. The users can reblog your posts that will give you lots of new fans and followers.



To build a fresh free site, Weebly can be a top choice for you because it is loaded with lots of modern and unique features that are not generally seen in free blog platforms. Weebly provides you with an iPhone app and ecommerce option to go in the professional and commercial ways. It has an easy social network linking facility. Weebly is really an outstanding free blog site for creating like a premium site.


Blog- is a nice set-up blog to start your blogging without any cost. You will have many good looking themes to customize your blog. They have the pro version. If you want, you can upgrade your blog with a unique domain name.



Squarespace is a modern, professional and creative free blog site. It gives you the best service, without payment. Undoubtedly, it is a big platform for business owners, musicians, bloggers, store owners, and photographers. It has lots of modern templates that you can use to redesign your blog for getting a professional style and look.



Penzu is another great free blog platform. It offers you 3 individual styles of starting blogging after signing up. These are- Travel Journal (on a trip), Expressive Journal (private) and Daily Diary (public). You can also take a taste before sign up.



If you want a professional platform freely to create a huge amount of readers, Webs is a good stage for you. By dragging and dropping, you can easily customize your site as you wish. Ecommerce facility is also attached to this blog if you need to sell your products.



Wix has three unique characteristics, such as- lots of professional templates, apps adding option, and opportunity to create online stores. You can easily customize and create a great blog by using these 3 features.



Svbtle is another top free blog site for the people who want to publish their hobbies online. It is a modern and very slick platform for blogging. It looks like a doodle pad.

At last, I tell you to use the above top 10 free blog sites either in your marketing or personal promotion. The free blogs are really great opportunities to the marketers to accomplish an extra marketing strategy to get more traffic and earn more revenue.

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